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Over the last 20 years, PROTEL has established more than 200 bilateral direct links with major Tier-1 Carriers & Operators, PTTs, Global Carriers and MNOs, with particular focus given to hard to reach niche routes around the globe, as well as reciprocal agreements with other major, international licensed carriers. Once connected to our global voice network, you can instantly acquire worldwide ability to send and receive voice traffic. 

To meet diverse carrier needs, PROTEL offers three different types of International Voice Routes as follows:



Optimal voice termination through direct routes with CLI & roaming guaranteed in addition to FAX, DTMF and other main features.



A to Z competitive rates with sophisticated routing mechanism to assure best quality that satisfies the end user.



Inbound traffic is directed through the path that provides the highest savings using our smart least cost routing.

With the great demand for unrivalled global reach and premium quality, the market of voice services is diversifying. Being an International Wholesale Voice Carrier, PROTEL helps you meet the demands of today's converged world. 

Through its International Wholesale Voice Carrier services, PROTEL offers voice termination, value-added telecom solutions and a broad portfolio of retail and wholesale voice interconnections.




PROTEL is constantly focusing on the high-growth areas of VoIP and retail markets. We therefore provide integrated solutions that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our customers while exploiting highly fragmented competition in the marketplace. 

PROTEL is making the move from services to solutions in order to implement an organizational structure that will ultimately enable the effective realization of its long-term strategy. 

Based on its advanced prepaid platform, PROTEL provides users, enterprises and call shops with:

  • International Calling Cards Service
  • Broadband Telephony Application
  • Mobile VoIP Services

PROTEL full service support to phone shops includes:

  • Equipment installation
  • Configuration
  • High quality
  • Full A to Z traffic termination
  • Dynamic routing procedures
  • Linking between branches and customer support desk

PROTEL also offers Switchless Resellers a fast and inexpensive way to sell voice services under their own brand 



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