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IGW Management

Engineering and running the international gateway operations is a challenging task that operators face. PROTEL’s International Gateway Management Services helps you maintain a profitable international operation through centralizing your profit margins and overcoming your collection difficulties. 

PROTEL’s International Gateway Management Services gives you the opportunity to focus on the core of your business in terms of coverage, reach and quality while handling your low margins, disputes and billing problems and working on reducing them. 

PROTEL’s comprehensive solution merges between the Billing & Routing Management Solution, Fraud Detection Solution, and many other customized services depending on the project needs. 

Our staff will be responsible of conducting several operations on behalf of the local authorities, including and not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Design, tailoring, and implementation of telecom billing, routing, and fraud detection solutions
  • Conducting interconnections on behalf of the local authorities with local operators and international carriers
  • Collecting and processing CDRs from different IGW switches
  • Routing the origination traffic through Protel Premium routes and marketing international incoming traffic to the country
  • Generating international calls price lists on behalf of the local authorities & Mobile Operators in addition to the international carriers if available
  • Invoicing carriers and local operators
  • Monitoring Quality of Service QoS and other Key Performance Indicators KPIs
  • Conducting fraud detection activities and generating daily reports for the authorities to take legal action against fraudsters
  • Managing revenue assurance aspects required by the authorities
  • Generating monthly progress and financial reports for the authorities in charge.( Ministry of telecommunication &/or Telecom Regulatory authority)


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